Emergency Classifieds: 2020-01-05

Note: these classified advertisements are being published as a service to the community in this time of need. They are printed free-of-charge. Personal contact information has been removed. Please contact us at (424) 445-5543 if you have any information. We will pass it along to interested parties.

Missing: Abigale Athenbright of El Molino in Pasadena. Contact daughter.

Missing: F black cat. Very large. White collar with single pearl. Contact owner.

Missing: Daniel Stammer, USC student. Please contact parents.

Missing: Dimitri Yanopolous. USC student. Please contact parents.

Missing: Fatima McCoy. Waitress at Big Fire, Universal City Walk. Please contact boyfriend.

Missing: M Pitbull Terrier. 180lbs. Answers to Sweetie. Last seen near The Abby in WH. Contact owner.

Missing: Oscar Medina, age 7. Wearing a Spiderman shirt. Last seen at N Harper and Norton in WH. Contact parents.

Missing: Brie Tolouise, age 14. White top, black skirt. Last seen at Romaine and La Jolla in WH. Contact parents.

Missing: Arthur Forester. Last seen at Universal City Walk. Please contact partner.

Missing: Tina. Met on SmashChat. 5’2” brunette. Met at Barney’s Beanery in WH. Not answering cell. Contact Chad.

Missing: Germ Shep. Answers to Nosferatu. Contact owner.

Missing: Roberto Faustus. Last seen in Pasadena. Contact wife.

Desaparecido: Anita Delacruz. Camarera en Universal City Walk. Llama madre.

Desaparecido: Carlos Espinoza. 5 años de edad. Usando una camiseta de Superman. Contacta con la tía.

Falta: gran gato negro. Collar rosa con joya. Contacta al dueño.

Desaparecido: Rosa Domínguez. Estudiante de la USC. Contacta a los padres.

Manca: grande gatto nero. Colletto rosa con una pietra. Contatta il proprietario.