LA County Fire Chief Darrin Rossby Killed in Freak Auto Accident.

2020-01-07 Tuesday

LA County Fire Chief Darrin Rossby was found incinerated in his department vehicle in the Griffith Park area.

“Chief Rossby’s SUV was found burning on one of our fire roads within Griffith Park,” said Alicia Nunez, spokesperson for the LA Recreation and Parks Department.

“It appears that Chief Rossby was using a common shortcut used by fire officials through Griffith Park, most likely necessitated by the many road closures,” Nunez said.

According to the LA Coroner’s Office, Rossby was so badly burned that dental records were needed to identify his remains.

“We all mourn the loss of Chief Rossby. He was a life-saver, a hero and a friend,” said LA Mayor Eric Tarcetti.

A memorial service will be held at Forest Lawn in Glendale on Wednesday.

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