Firestorm: Southland – Anonymous Informant: Natural Gas System Failure May Be Cause.

At 9:35am this morning, this publication received an anonymous call from a man claiming to work for the Southern California Gas Company, stating the cause of the fires is the county’s aging natural gas network.

“At about 4am this morning, we received alerts that the system had become dangerously over-pressurized.

“Natural gas pressure to homes should be between one-quarter and 60psi. Several regulators between these lines and our feeder lines, which are at 1500psi, failed. This over-pressurized the entire system. I’m surprised there weren’t more explosions.

“I’m told they shut off the gas lines and replaced the regulators, but it was too late. We’ve been told to shut up; don’t talk to the press; keep a lid on this.”

When contacted for comment, representatives from SoCal Gas and other municipal gas companies said this was an absurd scenario.

Hector Vasquez, spokesperson for SoCal Gas said, “I can tell you unequivocally that there was no ‘surge’ in our or any other municipal gas system. It just can’t happen. There are too many fail-safes.

“This anonymous caller is probably a crank or a disgruntled former employee. Our board has agreed to open our facilities and our logs and emails to any and all safety inspectors and members of the press.

“This is pure fiction.”

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